What is gelato I here you ask ? Well literally gelato is the Italian word for ice-cream, however gelato is a lot more than that.

Gelato when created in an authentic fashion is a far superior product than its ice-cream counterpart. Gelato is smoother & creamier with no icey bits in it.

Gelato is actually healthier, due to its lower fat content than ice cream in the milk variety and no fat content at all in the sorbet or fruit flavours.

Gelato mirrors the colours of the spectrum, in that the flavours are endless & only limited by the creator’s/artisan’s imagination.


This is the Italian word for the place where gelato is made. Gelaterias are in their thousands throughout Italy & in parts of Europe. A gelateria is also the place where families and friends meet after their “passagata” (their daily walk). There they solve/argue the problems of the world, whilst indulging in their favourite “gusti” (flavours) of gelato. The beauty about gelato is there is no right or wrong it all comes down to the individual’s taste.

AustiBeach & Crave

AustiBeach is Wollongong’s first “gelateria” and it aims to bring that little bit of Italy here at Austinmer through it’s Crave gelato. Crave is our brand and you will know why it is called this once you have tried it once.
Mina my wife an Italian from Lago di Como (Lake Como) has brought her passion, experience and handed down family recipes to create Crave.

I hope your next gelato experience here at AustiBeach ignites fond past memories and creates new ones as well.