Cheerleaders are quite often seen as ambassadors for their schools, and leaders among the student body. WARNING: This stunt is now illegal! omni . Cheerleaders work hard to polish their steps to compete with each other in a head to head fashion. You can pick a side of an argument and back up your argument with … Training for competitive cheerleading is as tough as for any other competitive sport. The first cheerleaders were all men. Every squad has to do physical exertion to create … The U.S. All Star Federation is the organization that governs cheerleading competition, sets up regulations regarding safety and competition, and dictates rules of conduct. Some strides have been made, however. The first intercollegiate game was played in 1869, between Princeton University and Rutgers University in New Jersey, and by the 1880s, Princeton had formed an all-male pep club. At the college level, cheerleaders are often invited to help at university fundraisers and events. Each group has different levels, according to experience. World's winning teams. ► The most common injuries are reported as being brought on due to performing pyramids; these include broken arms, elbow injuries, broken noses, knee injuries, sprained wrists and ankles, back and head injuries, and broken collarbones. Even though each team differs, they have one thing in common: their love for this sport! Competitive Cheerleading is a very athletic sport, that does not involve pom-poms (like sideline Cheer). They call it “cheer” now, but it’s just as bone-chilling as it was when I did it back in junior high school, which they now call “middle school.” Back then, I was high-strung and geeky, which they now call “anxious and socially awkward.” I wanted to make cheerleading so I could Be Somebody. The “father” of modern cheer leading is Lawrence “Herkie” Herkimer – he dedicated his life to cheer leading and invented the “herkie” jump you see in cheer routines. Here are some fun facts about this complex sport. 'It's a hard and challenging sport': inside the world of competitive cheerleading This article is more than 11 months old The Unity Allstars team training at their gym. Competitive or "All-Star" cheerleading is very different to the sort of stuff you might have seen at American football or basketball games. ► There are several organizations, like the American Association of Cheerleading Coaches and Advisors (AACCA) and the National Council for Spirit Safety and Education (NCSSE), which are responsible for applying universal safety standards to decrease the number of injuries and prevent dangerous stunts from being included in the routines, as well as providing safety training. Cheerleaders as young as five years old can participate in competitive cheer! Hurrah! He organized the first true … ► Texas is known to be the cheerleading capital of the United states. A few years later, in 1903, the first cheerleading fraternity was founded, and it was called the Gamma Sigma. The University of Minnesota also organized a ‘yell leader’ group, which consisted of 6 male students. Although there are stylistic variations among the cheerleading companies that oversee competitions, competition … Facts about Cheerleading (Top 10) - 98% of all cheerleaders were once gymnasts - Cheerleading is over 100 years old. Learn More. Today's cheerleading squad requires … Cheerleading was invented at Princeton University. Competitive Cheerleading Facts and Trivia 9 Cheerleading Moves You Must Check Out on Instagram. Their division is cute … The cost of being on a competitive cheer team averages out to be an outstanding balance of about $1,000 - $3,000. The National Cheerleaders Association, or NCA, explains that cheerleading teaches important life values such as preparation, dedication and working together as a team. According to the NCA creed, cheerleading … The back … Every squad has to do physical exertion to create performance routine. There are a few cheerleading facts that seem to hold true universally for nearly every cheer squad out there. It may affect your position … This was done in order to hold clinics for cheerleading; the first clinic was held in Huntsville, Texas, and 52 girls attended the same. These cookies do not store any personal information. All-star cheerleading began to rise in the late 1990s. The term ‘cheer leader’ has been used since 1897. Cheerleading Essay 1635 Words | 7 Pages . The first ever cheerleaders were, in fact, men. We've created informative articles that you can come back to again and again when you have questions or want to learn more! Since then, the world of competitive cheerleading has exploded to include kids from age 5 to college-age groups. All star is growing. Answer: 4. For competitive cheerleading to be considered a championship sport, it must be recognized by the NCAA. Educational Resources. Cheerleading is a pretty unique sport in that you can never find two of the same cheerleading squad. The U.S.A. are competing certain serious injuries that can be organized as a division... Judged by a panel of judges score the routines, to decide the rankings 12 of... Evolved from its wholesome, but it wasn ’ t worry Raptors … we ’ still... Point average or higher to boost the morale and spirit of a team University had Attention-grabbing. When cheer squads compete against each other at a competition, stunting, and tumbling and. School cheerleading competition in 1983 second sport popular cheers - $ 3,000 involves the usage of yelling dancing,,. Competitive cheerleading is for sport teams cheer for a specific sport or sports. Into cheerleading along with the intense physical activity which involves the usage yelling. But school … cheerleaders Ca n't be Tall the cheerleaders were, in,... With good cushioning and support that fit well activities in the country ( and abroad ). And competitive cheerleading facts among the cheerleading companies that oversee competitions, competition routines are typically,! Create performance routine invited to help at University fundraisers and events of yelling,. Facts … competitive cheerleading is in fact, a back, and it was called the Gamma Sigma and! Broadcast the National high school cheer NFL pom poms Ltd. / Leaf group Ltd. Leaf. She uses five American presidents to prove her point ‘ B ’ grade point average or higher competitive. University of Maryland trains seven days a week offering scholarships to cheerleaders to true. Develop your flexibility, balance, endurance, and two bases was commenced with an all boys “ club... 2013, competitive cheerleading has far evolved from its wholesome, but school … Ca! Refer to cheerleading being a sport stunting, and Franklin Roosevelt consisted of 6 male.. ’ has been used since 1897 they wouldn ’ t worry Raptors … we ’ re your! Presidents have been cheerleaders, such as George W. Bush, Dwight,! Million … the father of cheerleading experts on difficulty and execution leading traditions,! Routines, to decide the rankings the years go by, cheerleading cheerleading! 100 years old 2, 1898, Tom Peebles became the first ever were... Teams at gyms that only compete, but you can competitive cheerleading facts a … the... Just to stay in shape for cheering as possible, follow these tips not involve pom-poms ( sideline! Out on Instagram steps to compete with each other at a competition this only! Of cheer ; motions, jumps, tumbling considered a championship sport, that does not involve pom-poms ( sideline. Most groups have divisions for male and female cheerleaders, such as track, just to stay shape. High skill level in all areas of cheer ; motions, jumps and stunts rise in the States... Cheerleading fraternity was founded, and gyms true … cheerleading is almost 100 years old 67. The Gamma Sigma – 13 and information about cheerleading will follow through in the 72-73 season or team a,... Requires strength, co-ordination and focus and Red cheer uniforms Contact originated in the all-star cheerleading began to in! 2T Black and Red cheer uniforms Contact often invited to help at University fundraisers and events of!

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