Figuring where you should leave from, how long the trip will take, what course to steer and other details can seem During our crossing we traveled over water that was 2500 feet deep. “This is our seventh year taking our boat to Bimini Sands; we go twice a year,” said Stacey Abitabilo of Tampa. Bimini is the closest island to the mainland US (it’s actually a set of three islands – North, South, and East Bimini). Pictured: St. Francis Resort & Marina When making the crossing, there are three main things to consider: the speed of your boat (obviously include the wind speed if under sail), the Gulf Stream current that will be affecting your navigation, and the weather. If you make the crossing you will be the first SeaDoo / BRP powered boat to do so with our group. All of a sudden, while I was looking off the boat, a huge swordfish jumped Everything in Bimini comes by boat. Therefore, they don’t have a big selection of supplies, and the ones they have are very I also I was exhilarated, for together, my boat and I were finally fulfilling this life-long goal. I’ve made the trip on jet skis, but plan to take the new jet boat next summer. Golf Cart: The main form of rental transportation available on North Bimini is a golf cart. Regulations will have to be understood. In 2014 a 21' SeaDoo's cooling system melted before we left port. Bimini is pretty lame so the whole excitement of the trip would just be the crossing.. At least in the tortugas once you make it to the fort there's world class fishing all around (lots of no fishing areas though) , and you don't have to deal with passports and check in fees etc uh you didn't stop you got a couple fish along the way and just all in all a wonderful day checking and gonna ask for more. For the time being, and until further notice, the ferry service to the Bahamas (from Fort Lauderdale to Grand Bahama and Bimini) and vice versa is suspended. 4th of July weekend went out with a friend who has a 26' Tritoon With a 250hp motor hanging off the back. About 7 miles before Bimini we saw land and at 5 pm sharp we entered the Bimini Sands Resort and Marina. There were three other boats ready to make the crossing with us but they ended up going the day before because we were still waiting for a generator to arrive in the mail. Alright, we made it to great beautiful crossing. We were later joined by three friends on a 30-foot Sea Hunt center console. You can also rent a It was disconcerting but I knew it would change, we just hoped the change would be significant and in our favor. I'm not going by my own boat but was wondering about ferry service direct to Bimini. Crossing this weekend We’re wondering what people think of tomorrow’s forecast for a Bimini crossing. This is an article from Florida Sportsman magazine about crossing over to The Bahamas via boat from Florida. Seas 2 to 4 feet with occasional seas to 5 … My trip over to Bimini was a dream cruise. Boat rental and yacht charter in Bimini, The Bahamas | Choose Sailo’s best offers for a sailboat, motor boat or catamaran rental with or without a captain! How far is Bimini from Florida by boat? Bahamas Boating Regulations A cruising permit is required for all foreign private, non-commercial, pleasure boats (and occupants) to sail in Bahamian waters. bahamas, bimini, boat life, boat trips, boating in south florida, boating lifestyle, boating tips, how to, planning a boat trip, travel Post navigation 2015 Cobia 237 & 256 Model Year-End Sale It took us 13,5 hours to cross the Gulf Stream from No Name Harbor in Key Biscayne to Bimini. My husband was a bit nervous about Maybe this summer. As we entered the Turtle Reef, the ETA dropped to 1730 and eventually to 1700 in the stream. SATURDAY East southeast winds 10 to 15 knots along the coast to east southeast 15 to 20 knots in the Gulf Stream. The southern end of Key Largo is a great place to leave from when you want to clear in at Bimini (port of entries are at North Bimini, South Bimini , and Cat Island) before heading to Nassau, the Berry Islands, Andros Island, or the Exumas. Bahamas Crossing : From South Florida to Bimini By Kimberly Smith April 19, 2017 If you are a boat owner in the South Florida area, slipping away to a tropical playground full of fishing, diving and relaxation is a piece of cake thanks to the popular and nearby out island destination of Bimini, Bahamas . It is a gorgeous shade of cobalt blue there and all I could do was stare at the ocean. For U.S. boaters making their first crossing to the Bahamas, I'm in. Gulf Stream Crossing to Bimini: Take 2 The screws for the old props finally arrived. So a large part of the crossing will be in the gulf stream However if you're going from FT Pierce to Freeport or further north west like Marsh If you’re looking for a fishing trip with your buddies, chartering a boat to take you out from Florida to Bimini is by far the best way. If you're going between FT Lauderdale / Miami area to Bimini Island, it only about 60 miles. Bimini, a chain of islands located in the westernmost district of the Bahamas, lies only 48 nautical miles east of Miami, Florida. On the crossing over to Bimini, the seas at times were as high as 6-8ft according to the reports we found later. We waited 2 weeks in Key Largo for winds from the S and seas 2 to 4. When you are crossing the Gulf Stream keep your heading at 90 degrees and you should end up almost right where you want to. Im concerned with the Bahamas selling the fishing rights to China for big $$. It is a matter of choosing the weather, good boat maintenance, and prudent boat management. You could make the crossing to Bimini in a 25 foot express type cruiser IF you wait for weather. While taking off the bad new prop, Matt took a file to the prop and managed to get it to open and close again. We need at least one big boat to go. Small craft of 20-25′ make the 45 mile crossing from Miami to Bimini on a regular basis. Bicycle: You can find a lot of bike rental spots on the islands. Our Gulf Stream crossing was successful! Missing Boat crossing from Bimini New Topic | New Poll | Reply to Topic | Author Topic boatbum RO# 36 Posted - Jan 01 2021 : 10:07:19 I guess we can add this to the YGTBSM category. So for nothing other than my own morbid curiosity, Is it possible to take a pontoon boat from Fort Lauderdale to Bimini? Boat: There is a daily ferry between North and South Bimini. LH: On the way over to Bimini, our group consisted of 4 people, 2 Yamaha WaveRunners, and a Yamaha jet boat. In fact, many boaters in our area travel longer So little back story. The boat lifted up on plane and headed its bow into the rising sun. The supply of essential goods and products to Freeport, Grand Bahama, is in effect once a week through the Balearia freight department. 24ft Yamaha. I have heard of people crossing over to Bimini from Miami with all sort of boat type and sizes, I even seen youtube videos of people going there with wave runners. If you’re planning to make the crossing, make sure that you prepare your gear by following some helpful tips from our friends at BoatUS. Thank you both for your responses. However, not all boat owners have the desire or capability—boat size, fuel capacity, budget, vacation time—to … Hop aboard our boat rentals and yacht charters in Bimini to enjoy a day trip or Throughout Hawk Channel, our ETA to Bimini was showing to be near 2230. Then we scooted up to Miami, fueled one last time, and left Contemplating trailering our boat to FLL and boating over to bimini. But if your final destination is Bimini you are going to need to bring most of what you need with you. In 2017 a Scarab 255 turned back with a broken windshield. Crossing the Gulf Stream by boat from Florida to the Bahamas takes more planning than most routes. I saw a video of a guy and his wife going there with a 15ft boston We've got a 23 foot Grady White but just curious about the navigation across. One Destination, Two Islands, Three Experiences There are a certain amount of bragging rights that go along with long-distance cruising. Pages Businesses Automotive, Aircraft & Boat Automotive Service Boat Service Chatlee Boat & Marine Videos Yamaha 210 FSH Bimini Bahamas crossing Upon arrival, boaters must visit Bahamas Customs and Immigration at We waited an extra day to get our generator and then departed at 1:30 am in order to take advantage of the best weather during that window, and arrive in Bimini during the daylight. Bimini is the nearest Bahamian island (two islands) to the USA, barely 50 miles from Miami, it’s a very short trip and only a few hours by yacht from Miami. For most of the weekend, the group on Answer 1 of 3: We are planning a trip next May.

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