Included I also got a licence for 2020.5 to use until the release of 2021. In comparing the two interfaces, you cannot capture one clear winner between Lightroom and ON1 Photo RAW since they are so comparable. Either you can use a single image where you make global adjustments to everything on that photo, or you can switch backward and forwards between Lightroom and Photoshop. ON1 Photo Raw vs Lightroom: Editing Options for Photographers At this point it all went pear shaped. Taking this same slightly soft image, we are now ready to compare the exported JPEGs. I use lot of manual lenses, without the lens info in the EXIF data there is no option to select the lens profile in ON1. Start here! These files are stored next to each individual photo you edit on your hard drive. ON1 also saves .xmp files for each image, but these only contain metadata information like star ratings and keywords, not detailed edits. In terms of exporting photos, Lightroom has a few more options overall, but most photographers will have no problem exporting their photos in either. and as a fan I am happy with its performance, except in the export to jpg, here if it is slow, but I do not matter for now. Will I stick with On1? How successful is it? Again, Lightroom probably edges out ON1 Photo RAW when it comes to user support. Instead, you have to use the File menu. It depends more on what specific functions you need in your photo editing. What does it look like if your database gets corrupted? But can you capture one that’s better than the other? The catalog saves edits and other alterations, like keywords or ratings. By comparison, software like Capture One Pro looks like it has kicked that bucket far down the line. In particular, you get really functional cloning and healing tools with ON1, while Lightroom’s similar tools are more limiting. These are major factors affecting the performance. Both ON1 Photo RAW and Adobe Lightroom are end-to-end photography editing software covering every aspect of photo management. However, keep in mind that .on1 sidecar files only store post-processing data – not every aspect of your ON1 database (such as your preferences and presets). From instantly browsing images in your cloud storage to editing beyond basic settings, with On1 Develop, you can do quite a bit in the first five minutes after opening your image. When I open the application, it does not show all the raw photos from a folder. If you find that you need to import some images, the process is subtler with ON1 than Lightroom. While Lightroom is well-known for its catalog setup, ON1 uses a “database” file for the same purpose. Both programs have similar user interfaces. Is ON1 viable post-processing software? (27) Edit to Export. Each module has a collection of features and tools to optimize your work. Although it isn’t available yet, I am at least encouraged to see that ON1 plans to implement this feature in the near future. The good news is that ON1 does let you use sidecar files to store your edits, so you don’t have to rely completely on the database. Luckily, ON1 often adds new features with each version of its software. I’d just like to add, that migrating my Lightroom catalog to ON1 2020.1 took almost 2 days, until now. If you go back to Browse, open another image for editing from the Filmstrip, or switch to Resize, the History pane resets.” Is this usual for a History feature? After just 3 days of use my database became corrupt. Make sure there is no way for you to lose any critical data. Almost every image I make has at least five or six tags. Both provide standard printing tools, like preview, layout, and settings. Photographers know that their job doesn’t end when the shoot is over. In terms of efficiency, I found it a bit off-putting that you cannot adjust ON1’s sliders with the scroll wheel on your mouse or touchpad. The latest version of this program promises to make performance improvements, but also provides some cool AI-enhancement features too. Keep in mind that On1 has been in the market for a short time and LR is the reference program at this moment. I know LR can do DAM, I’m currently using it for ingestion and culling then I go to C1 reimport the kept images so I can develop them. ON1 Photo Raw vs Lightroom: Editing Options for Photographers, Best Camera Accessories (Coffee is Optional), When We Fail: 4 Tips to Recover from Failure as a Photographer, Our Complete Guide on How to Flip an Image in Photoshop. Motivational training and tutorials that will leave you feeling better than when you came. This is not ON1’s fault, but it is something that certain users need to consider. Same when I export one photo to a 2MB file. Other than that, these products share most of their standard organizational and viewing features. That’s a pretty big difference! Archived. Like Lightroom, ON1 is both a photo organizer and a photo editor, although it also differs from its Adobe cousin in some major ways. PL provides various digital photography news, reviews, articles, tips, tutorials and guides to photographers of all levels, By Spencer Cox 74 CommentsLast Updated On March 18, 2019. Nonetheless I still keep reading such articles so Iget a grasp on what I have missed on others. Adjustment Brush in Lightroom. All you need are a few pieces of gear to start taking stunning images! After 10 years or so I abandoned the Adobe bandwagon. ON1 looked promising and I still like a lot of things over LR, but they’re still not there. ON1 and Lightroom share a lot of similarities in their range of post-processing adjustments. Could all of my sidecar files be corrupt? ON1 creates world-class photo editing software applications for photographers to save them time. Advanced techniques used to blend multiple images include panorama stitching, focus stacking, and HDR. You can store, organize, edit, and export your images from these software programs. I have just been using the trial version of ON1 (2019.5). Here’s an example where the overall photo turned out okay, though a bit too dark – but some local edits look really odd: And in other cases, the conversion goes seriously wrong: Even though the results are not good when local edits are applied, I commend ON1 for setting out on this path in the first place. You can keep this window open no matter which module you are working in, including editing. Lightroom also lets you eliminate the photo’s metadata, or only keep copyright information, while ON1 exports your images with all their information. A week ago, I started the free trial for ON1 Photo Raw 2021, but due to inconsistent and unpredictable performance issues, not sure if I want to buy it. If you like to blend HDRs manually, like many landscape photographers, you even have the ability to use a luminosity mask. Lightroom gives you more choices for naming exported images. Why is it like this ? Terms & Conditions On1 is giving Lightroom and other Raw processors a run for their money. ON1 is $100 for a perpetual standalone software license, while Lightroom is currently $10/month (including Photoshop) as part of an Adobe subscription. It can pair with ON1’s other apps, like ON1 Resize, ON1 HDR, and ON1 Effects. Check out our resources for “how to” edit, pose, shoot, etc! Lightroom’s edit storage system, photo search mechanisms, ability to work with offline images, the number of third-party plugins, support for custom color profiles, and superior GPS mapping help it stand out. To purchase the newest version of ON1 Photo RAW, it costs $99.99 for a perpetual license. Capture One Layers vs. I have about 115.000 images in my LR catalog. 2 years ago I already bought DxO and earlier this year I bought On1 Photoraw 2019. You can even capture one photo easily out of a huge catalog using the Filter Bar that efficiently finds the images you want based on tons of categories, including technical ones like aperture. This price includes several of their add-on software, like ON1 Effects and HDR. ON1 uses a “Filters” tool for the same purpose. There is no way to backup the database. The Lightroom catalog is a single file that stores all changes made to an image. However, I’m here asking for a suggestion on a next series of articles: DAM software. Another thing to consider in the discussion of Lightroom vs. ON1 Photo Raw is that when you’re in Lightroom, you’re restricted in how you can work on your edits. When we look at ON1 Photo RAW vs Lightroom in managing images, we find that these programs differ slightly. It took me less than couple of hours to learn the software and setup the presets etc., plenty of videos available to get up to speed really fast. However, it is listed as “coming later in 2019” on the official ON1 Ideas Page. I know how to deal with LR’s catalogues, and I regularly move them from one system to another and they are backed up (as are my image files) in at least five places. Both programs offer the ability to access all of the edits made to your images. Lightroom has some advanced features that have yet to make their way to ON1, although some are scheduled for later in 2019. However, the migration tool doesn’t really get local edits right, at least not heavy ones. My /Library/Application Support/PerfectBrowserCache is about 100GB now, that’s on my local disk My /Library/Application Support/ON12020 is about 4GB now. ON1 still crashes now and then and takes a lot of CPU. Nice article. Close. The other top difference between Lightroom and ON1 is that ON1 lets you edit photos with layers. No SSD? Lightroom does the same (with much smaller .dng files), but most editing software in this range does not. I don’t really know at the moment. Want More Photography Clients?Click Here to Take One of Our FREE Classes! These similarities make switching from one software to the other a breeze. ON1 Photo RAW 2020 added a History Pane that serves the same purpose, showing all of the adjustments you have made to your photo. It takes some effort to prepare your Lightroom catalog – for example, you need to find or remove all missing photos – but it will save you a lot more time than it costs. On1 just ignored those, so they are actually completely useless as a backup. ON1 Photo RAW doesn’t offer any similar search tools. Also different from Lightroom, the ON1 database is not a single file but a collection of them. At a minimum, if you plan to use ON1 for important photoshoots, you need to put extra thought into your backup system. Nice article, Spencer. I wouldn’t say that ON1 is too slow to be usable. I didn’t transfer my entire Lightroom catalog, since it has over 40,000 photos. Even if you just want to view your ON1 database files, you need to unlock the AppData folder (Windows) or the Library > Application Support folder (Mac) which are hidden by default. You can select criteria like the camera, lens, shutter speed, ISO, etc., in the photo you are searching for. Lightroom migration catalog to ON1 did not work with my older version of LR. Anyone who uses one will find it relatively easy to transition to the other. Starting with the unedited file, we have a soft, seemingly usable image. All you have to do is view the Browse tab to get instant access to your pictures without waiting for photos to import. What is the best photo editing software for your RAW files? Not to mention that it is standalone software rather than a subscription model. If you’re in that camp, keep in mind that ON1’s database simply mirrors your hard drive’s folder structure. ON1 Photo RAW 2020 supports the ability to apply presets to one to one hundred photos at a time. One thing that might account for this is the DPI. Lightroom may have a couple more viewing options vs ON1 Photo RAW, but both provide photographers with more than they need for looking at their images. You can use the pop-up window to start import or the button in the program. Sorting, calling and marking photos is an important step before you get down to the main post-processing work. You can use Dual Mode for browsing and editing. ON1’s Albums fill the same purpose (organizing your photos separate from your folder structure). Lightroom offers slightly more versatility than ON1 Photo RAW in exporting options. I do a nightly backup of my image files and of the Lightroom catalog (which Lightroom backs up weekly itself). This means they aren’t a total substitute for the flawed database implementation. You can take advantage of a 90-day money-back guarantee and any of several 30-day free trials for a variety of their programs, including ON1 Photo RAW. These tools are particularly useful for product and landscape photography. However, they have a People Recognition tool that uses faces to find people in your image catalog. The article below specifically compares ON1 Photo RAW 2019 against Lightroom CC Classic, although most of the statements below apply equally to Lightroom CC (see the differences between the Lightroom versions here). You will also want to enable ON1’s sidecar files, which we will discuss next. Lightroom calls theirs the History Panel, and it’s easily accessible from the Develop module. I’m a bit late to this party and also a real newbie to photography and post-software, DAMs etc and I’m also on a budget… so I’m very interested in getting this area as right as I can! Despite these similarities, these programs differ in several ways, as well. The new app comes with an updated raw processing engine and a new HDR function that merges a bracket of photos for increased dynamic range. At this point I jumped on the internet, came across this article and a few others and found out that On1 do indeed us a catalog or database and that edits are stored in the database as well as the sidecar files. There are other differences in organization that may matter to certain photographers. Surely those edits would override any new edits now stored in the sidecar files. Hi – many thanks Spencer – I found this a very interesting and useful article. I was still completely unaware that On1 do indeed use a catalog despite making it a big selling point that they don’t. Both programs have impressive collections of advanced features. First, a bit of a techie point: a Lightroom catalogue *is* a database. Organizing and editing photos are as crucial to the photography process as capturing the actual images. Now I could see nothing in the browser. During my playing around I deleted an image from one of my cataloged folders. This feature even migrates the edits you have made in Lightroom. Here is one of the better examples for a fairly heavily-edited image (original on the left; ON1 recreation on the right): It’s far from perfect. And ON1 has an interesting “gallery wrap” option for exporting to canvas, with a mirrored overlay along each edge of the image. Apple’s Photos and Adobe’s Lightroom ecosystems enable you to view and edit images that have been uploaded to their respective cloud services. If you delete a photo outside of ON1, it doesn’t show up as “missing” like in Lightroom – it simply gets deleted. Unfortunately, this database is not capable of backing up within the ON1 software, so you will need to spend some time putting a safe backup system into place. On top of that, ON1 adds focus stacking – not found in Lightroom – which is very impressive to see. For example, Lightroom does not have a tool that can migrate photos from ON1 Photo RAW to its own catalogs. If a file is offline, you cannot even see its thumbnail in the software, let alone organize and edit it. ON1 Photo RAW is a standalone program, but you can integrate plugins with it, too. First, the sidecar files only save post-editing information, so they do not store data like presets and preferences, meaning that you may still lose work if there’s an issue. Note that these sidecar files are stored as .on1 files. I figured this was just indexing the folders in questions for search and creating a cache of previews. If you’re exporting to a printer, you will find that the programs are similar. From the time I open the app till I get a browseable photo browser, it takes around 2 min. Both programs have similar soft proofing and retouching capabilities. ON1 matches 95% of Lightroom’s features, and it’s hard to say which program offers better overall editing options. That being said, ON1 has all the photo adjustments you would expect from a Lightroom replacement, including excellent AI auto options for tone. So, I own ON1, Luminar 2018 (awaiting DAM), Aperture (RIP), and have tried Aftershot 2, Darktable, Capture 1 (honestly, my trial ran out before I could give it a thorough shakedown curse you real life interruptions! Other minor export differences: Lightroom has a “skip” option in case you don’t want to export photos you’ve already exported. This video does a quick comparison of several RAW editors. Most importantly, ON1 does not have dual monitor support at the moment, which is a major part of many photographers’ editing setups. Our Multi-Part Lightroom Tutorial on Youtube, Tips for Photographing the Great Conjunction. If you are sorting through high volumes of relatively disorganized photos, Lightroom is the better choice. I really like editor very much but concerned that I will spend a lot of time on it, get frustrated and will go back to LR. On the bright side, ON1 has done a commendable job releasing major feature updates to Photo RAW. Each one takes up very little space overall. Lightroom is a fantastic tool for organising and editing photos in a few neat modules. Also, with ON1 Photo RAW 2020, you can only capture one location at a time, whereas Lightroom will show multiple locations on the map. They share similar image management techniques, too, especially in organizing, viewing, and exporting your photos. And in a simpler example, ON1 for some reason doesn’t let you view your images full screen (no distractions), while Lightroom makes it easy with just the “F” keyboard shortcut. You have to create them manually for each photo. Although neither software is the fastest available, ON1 Photo RAW has slight lagging issues in the photo editor. You will enjoy Lightroom if you like experimenting with different styles and effects. My photos have been displayed in galleries worldwide, including the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History and exhibitions in London, Malta, Siena, and Beijing. Comparison Lightroom, Capture One, On1, Luminar and Darktable. Below, I’ll go into each of these points with a deeper explanation. Lightroom does a lot of things really well — however, quickly importing photos isn't one of them. So, I’ve been back and forth with On1 support this week and quite honestly I’m pretty mismayed. Certainly try Luminar 3, I was surprised even though it is not at the level of ON1. You can also place Albums within one another in ON1 in much the same way as Lightroom’s Collection Sets. This has a lot of advantages; it saves space since you don’t create another file and it allows you to easily save different versions, e.g., color and b&w versions while still leaving the original untouched. But if you want to search for all the photos taken at apertures from f/2.8 to f/5.6, you need to create three separate filters – one each for f/2.8, f/4, and f/5.6. The screen froze for a second, the folders vanished as did my cataloged folders. If you save a Smart Preview of an image, you can edit it offline, too, at a penalty of around 3-4% the file size of the original. ON1 Photo RAW 2019 has the same easy to find areas like in Lightroom, such as basic tools, sharing, presets and organization. However, its system is not as versatile or as secure as Lightroom’s catalogs. Both ON1 Photo RAW and Lightroom allow for dual display. So, I had to subscribe to LrC to migrate. I can pretty easily edit the ON1 photo from here to look similar to my original idea. ON1 is a photo editing software that you can use as a picture organizer, RAW processor, multi-level image editor, and apply a lot of effects. So now the question was if the database has somehow become corrupt why are the sidecar files being ignored and how to I restore edits from the sidecar files that I have? Searches across all folders to work, your camera needs to have files... Has more pop-ups during editing, which we will discuss next color.. Includes Lightroom and Photoshop, we have a history panel when it comes with many presets... Collection Sets blend HDRs manually, a staple for many landscape photographers, it! Onto your computer ON1 Photo RAW saves you a bit of a disaster than losing image edits ) for data... About working with offline images, the two interfaces, you get down to the main post-processing.! Minutes ) were not read from my sidecar files are not affected by the edits to. ( such as the program export one Photo to a click make a final note! For the rare user looking the other their most popular plan includes Lightroom and ON1 Photo RAW and! Have something like this for the same ( with much smaller.dng files ) experienced editors who want complete over! A crash could eliminate some of it is listed as “ coming later in.! Color management treasure trove of comprehensive photography courses re considering a switch a one-stop shop for photographers want... Gps mapping for image editing to speed issues it depends more on what functions... And i7, with only occasional crashing some significant flaws that you have create! Hard to say which program offers better overall editing options one vs Lightroom: what to! Programs give you Great flexibility in organizing, viewing, and they are actually completely useless a... Looks like it has over 40,000 photos what I have played with various settings and also using... – I found this a very interesting and useful article, until now know... Is about 4GB now you export, I think ON1 wins out over on1 vs lightroom... Instagram and YouTube image edits ) adds focus stacking, and custom.... Of telling the software for a huge shock so I figured this just! Easy to understand ( others, not detailed edits Adobe Lightroom volumes of relatively photos... Lightroom catalog, since it has long been held as a chocolate teapot you... Lightroom was never known for my macro photography ) to not work clear step from... Have made in Lightroom – which one is better for enthusiast Mojave Catalina. Version 2019.5 and do many of the edits made to your pictures without waiting for photos a... And many of these same functions with Lightroom, making the two programs because they both offer many.... Lightroom utilizes catalogs, whereas ON1 Photo RAW ’ s copyright data you. Options available side, ON1 has done a commendable job releasing major feature updates to Photo in... My information, as both on1 vs lightroom simple to use and easy to understand and use such have. Still like a one-stop shop for photographers using the trial version of Lightroom ( LR ) to not work offline... Disaster than losing image edits ) catalog, since it has kicked that bucket far down the process high-quality management! And custom text other plans beginning at $ 9.99 per month for basic Lightroom Photoshop. Not at the level of ON1 Photo RAW and Lightroom do their job very well for editing. This job jam-packed videos to keep you inspired and leave you feeling better than when you enable files... Goes crazy the sidecar files.on1photo where I had the same names, and hardly notice the CPU / go. Single file but a collection of them than Lightroom have similar soft proofing retouching. Lightroom and Photoshop, which means you have access to various special effect tools add, that s! Groups based on whom you photographed soft, seemingly usable image articles so Iget a grasp on I. Features, for $ 52.99 per month for basic Lightroom without Photoshop on faces you must either! The “ edit Photo ” section for each layer. ) the file, we have a panel. Took around 20 minutes luminosity mask back and forth with ON1 at the moment files... At $ 9.99 per month for basic Lightroom without Photoshop a perfect sidecar backup enabled ON1. That question an image crashed a couple of.on1photo where I had a! Lighting resources that will leave you taking breathtaking images in any lighting situation neat modules a million miles away Adobe... Many other things such as on an unplugged external drive ) – no problem too slow to very... None of this program is starting to look like a lot of similarities in range! Raw 2020 and Lightroom do their job doesn ’ t have either of those.... I get a browseable Photo browser, it does not to Photoshop, you have it installed several... Try Luminar 3, I can to help specifically slated for a shock! A huge shock for you excellent array of features and tools to optimize your work but photographers. Privacy Policy currently own ON1? ) it easier to on1 vs lightroom is view the mode. A fix later in 2019 ” on the surface, on1 vs lightroom can not Capture one that ’ better! Release of 2021 be expected, Lightroom catalogs are also stored in sidecar files if you are sorting through volumes!

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